The Loneliness & Dementia Group has been set up with the following aims:
To identify those who are isolated and in need, especially those suffering the effects of dementia. 
To attempt to understand the root causes of loneliness and isolation, and develop a strategy to alleviate these problems. 
To set up a network of befrenders using existing resources where available. 
To provide aid and assistance by signposting existing resources (eg. luncheon clubs), making referrals to partner organisations, using volunteers and an advocacy advisor. 
To publicise these measures in a way that can be easily located and accessed.
To investigate the needs of carers to ensure that they get the support they need.
As this work develops and increases the Loneliness & Dementia Group will look into the possibility of engaging the services of a dedicated coordinator to work alongside other key staff members of Hands Together LUDLOW.

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