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18th June 2021 

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Census Champion Certificate

Well done to you all.






A lovely "Thank You".


 big thank you



 A typical recent (August 2020) email to us:

Good afternoon

I hope all is well with you all and everybody with you. 

Following the lovely newsletter last week and how it explained things were slowly winding down as the country opens up again, I wanted to write to say that I have now been given a slot allowance on Sainsburys. ( I had called them at the start of lockdown to try and get a delivery, as my Tesco account was always full and couldn't get a delivery. Sainsburys had explained they were operating a waiting list for delivery slots and I would be added) 

Although Sainsburys is expensive it is still better than nothing and they have done a couple of deliveries for us which is amazing. Lovely to see enough food in the fridge again that will last a week or so :)

So I wanted to say that - despite us being so utterly humbled and grateful for all the food and cooking that was delivered to us during lockdown - I am now in a position to be able to provide food for my children and I.

I assume then that the deliveries and cooking might go to someone who is not in our position. I feel better knowing that I have said thank you and as it stands at the minute we are not in desperate need anymore and so would like to cancel the deliveries.

The food has been so excellent; tasty, filling and healthy too! 

It was food similar to that which I try to provide for my children - lots of veg and scratch start cooking. Delicious.

We haven't not used any piece of food or extras - we've learnt new recipe's to make use of all ingredients and to cope with the copious courgettes :) These new recipes are now firm family favorites !

We loved the bag of, clearly, home grown, potatoes we received last week ( my son made a dahl with them but I rescued a good few to have on their own with fish that night and they were delicious .. far too good to waste that flavour in a dahl !! :) haha)

Thank you for all your support, cooking, food, delivery, pleasant staff, volunteers and visits during drop off, over the front fence - which were as welcome as the food!

If there is anything I can do (within my restrictions) to support you and the Ludlow group please do ask. I have lots of free time (too much) and would love to be able to help ( like i say, I can struggle with some things due to my illness and associated issues).

Thank you from all of us.



The 'Pulling Together Ludlow' community group, of which HTL is a leading member, has attracted lots of "Thank-you"s since March. You can see these here. 




During the COVID-19 emergency, we have published a joint newsletter with the  'Pulling Together Ludlow' group.

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